Some of the app features This app is different from all other fitness apps


If you are new to fitness, do not worry, our app will provide all the information you need, every little detail and assistance you need! You will understand why you need to do something and not just follow the next "Expert" advice that just doesn't make any sense. Just follow one of our default fitness plans and you will see remarkable results in few weeks! We also make sure that you can see your progress, because that's the main reason most of the novices quit their fitness programs - they don't see any progress, and they want results today or tomorrow! The results are coming, are you ready for them?


If you consider yourself pro, you probably know what to do and what works best for you. We provide the assistance for you as well. Create your personal training schedule. Even if you use the most advanced periodization out there, we provide as much options as you need. Add multiple workouts every day, add hundred training days, if you need to, choose number of warm up sets, choose your rest periods, add you own exercises, keep a track of every single exercise and the volume. Unilateral, bilateral exercises, anything you need! We will do the math for you and will keep a track of every little detail for you!


The best feature of the app and the best workout assistant you will ever see. The assistant will help you during your workouts, the only thing you need to do is to perform the exercises. It will show you how many sets and reps you did last time and what weight you used , so you will can make sure that you progress with every completed workout. The assistant will keep a track of your rest periods, your set duration and the total weight for every set and every exercise.


You can use our default training plans, or create your custom one, you can adjust every little detail about your workout! Take your time and explore all the power the schedule manager provides for you!


Use our calculators, or adjust your macronutrient intake however you want. You can set a different goal for every day if you want! Keep a track of you food intake, and take a shortcut to getting your dream body!


What's the best way to check you progress? Measure your body parts and your body weight. Input your weight daily, and the app will give you the average for last week.


How much do you bench? What about deadlift? The app keeps a track of your personal bests for every exercise. Not only that, do you want to know what was your best squat two years ago? Well just check and you'll see!

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